LimeTime Hostels - Rio de Janeiro


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Please read before proceeding:

  1. LimeTime is recommended to people between the ages of 18 and 40. If you're older than that you're more than welcome. However, you should be young at heart to enjoy your time here. Kids, even accompanied by their relatives, will not be accepted as guests;
  2. If your booking is for the same day, please contact the hostel by email or WhatsApp after your request;
  3. Please inform your cell phone number us so we can contact you via WhatsApp/iMessage, if necessary;
  4. Select your correct arrival time. If you're not sure yet, let us know it as soon as possible. Your booking could be canceled if you do not arrive on the specified time;
  5. There's no need to fill up the "Address" field;
  6. A pre-payment will be asked if we feel it's necessary; 


  1. Minimum stay of 5 nights, checking in on Feb 24th (Fri) and checking out on Mar 1st (Wed).
  2. You can arrive and/or leave on different dates, as long as you stay 5 nights. Book for the dates above and inform us your actual dates on the "Message" field on the last step.